MAED's roots start from a design reality, installation maintenance and service of civil and military technology.
Is active since 1970 and develops its business thanks to a deep knowledge of the market and its continuous mutations. Years of experience in military field, which since its origins led MAED to work for clients such as Italian Air Force, NAMSA, Vitrociset, ensures safety and reliability.

MAED combines professionalism, experience and technical skills which involve design, quality control, installation and service fields. MAED is an ideal reference for anyone who seriously wants to refer to a team of engineers and technician skilled in construction of technological systems security and data transmission in the civil field. The deep knowledge of electronics and its applications in information technology enable MAED to be among the System Integrator of excellence.

From the initial project, designed for the specific needs of customer, MAED develops all activities necessary to provide the whole system, through the interaction of engineer specialized in different disciplines and optimizing the cost / benefits ratio. Building a technological system is much more than a simple assembly of components. Only the definition of project guidelines, technical analysis of a specific site, and an adequate environmental analysis, may lead to choose the best solution for the customer.
MAED prefers not to join a specific brand or a technology and its strength lies in its dynamism and knowledge of different systems which fit the client's wishes.

The strength of MAED is the tenacity, reliability and transparency of their men. The long experience of its founders, the recognized references, combined with the proven expertise of the engineers make it a solid partner for all customers who seek a partner Technology and Security field