The deep knowledge of the different technologies available on the market allows MAED to make video surveillance system hybrid (analog / digital), up to FULL digital IP systems that enable high scalability and many value-added features.

    MAED doesn't believe in a unique solution for every need and does not join the "UNI-BRAND" policy. To guard a private house, or a private company is different from controlling an high density area. Recognizing a face is different from reading a moving car number plate. For each control need a precise technology exists. That's why MAED staff prefer to start each project from the dialogue with the customer in order to fully understand which solution is most suitable both from a technical and economic point of view.

    To create a video surveillance system just an electrician is not enough; specific skills in optics, IP systems and networking are necessary to choose the best solution, to ensure the success of the project.

    The systems can be composed of DAY & NIGHT cameras, anti-vandal kit, equipped with onboard intelligence able to capture the image directly in digital format (FULL IP) or able to acquire it through analog optic and post elaborate it through appropriate DVR ( Digital Video Recorder). The formats supported by the proposed systems ranging from classic JPEG, up to 'MPEG4, or H.264 which allows to optimize the bandwidth used.

    The video and audio data can travel through wired (CAT 5E and 6 or fiber optic) or through wireless networks (HIPERLAN 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi) where cabling is not possible. Images can be controlled and displayed in real time or recorded both by local and remote monitoring.

    Some features typical of IP video surveillance systems are : intelligent Motion Detection, the VOICE ALERT, PRIVACY MASKING functions according to law, the REMOTE CONTROL of the entire system via PC, Smartphone, I-Phone, or PDA including the handling of SPEED DOME, E-MAIL alert with the captured frame at the time of the violation in addition to TRACKING function movements.

    MAED, unlike many competitors, simply DOES NOT SELL, but MAKE technological systems.


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    MAED wants to assure the security of its customers. Intrusion detection systems developed to protect outdoor and indoor environments, companies and houses who want to protect their assets through reliable and tamper-proof systems.

    As for video surveillance MAED prefer to act as an excellent System Integrator  able to deeply know  the technologies and components to achieve an improved security system. The deep experience in military field makes MAED the right partner for those who want to entrust the protection of  their houses and activities.

    The proposed technologies ranging from wireless or wired sensors with infrared/microwaves or dual technology. To protect open spaces, parking  roofs and storage companies MAED proposes perimetrical systems (open or closed) using infrared or microwaves barriers. The barriers are equipped with anti climb, alignment technologies disqualification of false alarms due to fog, snow or vehicles traveling. The plants can be equipped with combinatory PSTN or GSM phone and the whole system can be continuously controlled from remote to change the settings, logs events and feelings.

    For small spaces, interior or housing MAED uses sensors of different types, volumetric, magnetic, proximity, and perimetrical.

    MAED staff can also offer assistance and continuous control of the plant of the same features from their headquarters. All intrusion detection systems proposed by MAED can be integrated with video surveillance systems. An intrusion could enable a SPEED DOME camera tracking  activity that will record all movements of the intruder and may help to send alarm signals via email together with the frame of the event, as well as visual or audible alarm to activate. The anti-theft system in the meantime will have already called your security numbers.

    MAED designs and installs security equipment, using only certified and approved, verifying the validity of the installed materials. Provides the system complete with all the accessories needed. The competence of its technicians also allows MAED, to integrate existing systems with new installations.


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    Without adequate data transmission network all systems lose their effectiveness, that is why with proven experience of its designers in telecommunications MAED completes its offer with the division "WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS".

    "Wireless" is an abused word sometime . Wireless communication allows high scalability with low cost but hides important details which, if not recognized and addressed during the design phase can completely invalidate the system making it brittle.

    The supplied instruments for environmental analysis, (spectrum analyzers) allows MAED to perform specifi Site Survay to highlight the interfering radio spectrum before starting any project.

    MAED develops microwave radio link in Hiperlan technology (5 GHz 802.11 a / h) for data transmission, and Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz 802.11 g / n) indoor / outdoor distribution coverage for end-user.

    Again the consolidated experience in this field has allowed MAED to know the different brands on the market from those developed for military and then spread on a large scale for civilian applications. MAED can develop  radio link to connect point to point, for example, two sheds of the same company, point-to-multipoint networks to transmit data from one source to various points up to the creation of mesh networks in urban environments.

    Trusting on MAED allows to speak to a single capable and professional source which designs, builds and assists the customer.

    A unique reference for information technology and Security System.


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